In the study have been analyzed the personalities of more than 80,000 Fans, and 50 Superstar musicians, including David Bowie, Justin Bieber or Beyonce, as the Daily Mail reported. The scientists, who come from four different universities from the USA and Israel, worked with the Five-factor model of personality psychology. In order for you to be shared by Fans and musicians in the categories of openness to experience (open-mindedness), conscientiousness (perfectionism), Extraversion (sociability), agreeableness (consideration, cooperation, empathy), and Neuroticism (emotional lability and vulnerability).

We hear something similar to us

The researchers tried to predict due to these schedule lines, which musician would like the Fans. This took part in three different studies. You should also assign each artist to one of the five personality categories. Subsequently, the reactions to their songs, and the texts were examined. The researchers should have determined only that Fans tend to be musicians who are similar to them, but also how strong the social Power of music.

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Dr. David Greenberg of the Bar-Ilan University in Tel Aviv, says the results of the investigations: “at the present time, in which the social distance is growing, our study of how music can be a common factor that brings people together”. Dr. Sandra Matz of the Columbia Business School, adds: “The results can be the Foundation for new approaches to music Labels or management to an audience to attract and build.”

Neurotic Bowie Fans?

According to the study, by the way, Radiohead and Bob Dylan Fans, what is more, the Marvin Gaye Fans are particularly conscientious, Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber Fans are particularly sociable, Taylor-Swift-Fans should be particularly tolerated, and fall Out Boy and David Bowie Fans are particularly neurotic. On the other side of the spectrum, lovers find each of, for example, 50 Cent, Nirvana, Hans Zimmer, Ozzy Osbourne and Jay-Z.

Bill Kaulitz – the L. A. Tattoo in the middle of the face to Fans: “Please, not real!” PCP Bill Kaulitz – the L. A. Tattoo in the middle of the face to Fans: “Please, not real!”