The Dutch fupspiller Bernio Verhagen must prepare to keep christmas in jail in Viborg.

In any case, if it is in the Middle – and Vestjyllands Police.

When the 25-year-old Bernio Verhagens current detention expires on 16. december, rates the forces of law and that he quickly gets stuck a round-trip ticket to tremmely in the hand.

“Yes, we want to argue that his pre-trial detention in the first place is to be extended by four weeks,” says Christian Toftemark, efterforskningsleder at the Middle – and Vestjyllands Police, to B. T.

the Police need more time to investigate the many cases, as the former Viborg player is charged. These cases include robbery, violence, threats and fraud. Just for fraud sounds of the penalty of up to six years in prison.

There is also a review of rape in the case.

A judge shall, by an grundlovsforhør the 16. december take a position on Bernio Verhagen must remain behind bars over christmas.

the Dutchman has declared himself innocent of everything.

The coloured case on fupspilleren started when B. T. in mid-november, you could tell how Bernio Verhagens chilean girlfriend accused him of keeping her locked up in a hotel room in Viborg.

Subsequently rolled it out with revelations about Verhagens fodboldbedrageri. By the use of a fake agent and fake documents had Verhagen cheated to stay in more clubs – at the latest, Viborg.

the Revelations resulted in the Viborg – who initially refused to be laced – selected to tear the contract with the dutchman over. And subsequently report him for fraud.

But as if the matter was not dramatic enough, then the selected Verhagen shortly after the firing to assault and rob his chilean girlfriend in a kiosk near the train station in Viborg.

the Boyfriend is subsequently returned home to Chile after an unpleasant and eventful stay in the middle of jutland.

B. T. reports from grundlovsforhøret the 16. december.