“I don’t know if it ever will be safe, but I take the chance.”

so says the Danish landsholdsstjerne Nadia Nadim, who for the first time takes back to the country she fled from as a child.

The she says in an interview with the Associated Press.

The 31-year-old landsholdsstjerne would like to show the children in Afghanistan, that they too can have a dream to play football.

“I want to give the children the message that everything is possible, and then I will tell them that it is not wrong what they are doing. It is not a sin to play football. You are not doing anything wrong. It is a something that makes you happy,” she says.

It was back in the year 2000, He along with his family fled from the war-torn country via Pakistan to Italy, before they were smuggled to Denmark.

on the journey was her father however does not. He was killed during the war by the Taliban, when He was just 10 years old.

“It was hard to grow up in a country where there was war, and which the girls had not allowed for anything. My father was killed when I was young, and escape out of the country was not for fun. I’m just glad that I got a second chance, and that I got the best out of it,” says Nadim.

Nadia Nadim came on the Danish national team back in 2009 and has since then represented big clubs like Manchester City, Portland Thorns and now Paris Saint-Germain.