Liverpool did evil against bysbørnene from Everton and won on Wednesday night, the Merseyside-derby with all the 5-2.

Particularly in the first half was Premier League førerhold classes better, particularly where Sadio Mané beamed.

the Club, which has not won the championship since 1990, stormer thus far, against Premier League title after the 14. victory in 15 matches.

With the victory is Liverpool, hence, clearly in the lead for the league with 43 points, while Leicester and Manchester City in the next seats have respectively 35 and 32.

the Victory in the local derby came in the house on two goals by belgian striker Divock Origi, while Sadio Mané showed themselves as the eminent assistmager and målskytte.

They made sure that the team has not missed Mohamed Salah, who sat on the bench throughout the match, after he has been injured.

Just five minutes in the game, as Liverpool came in front. In a counterattack sent Sadio Mané – number four in the Ballon d’or-the vote – a brilliant sticking in depth.

It was millimeterpræcist to Divock Origi, who could slip behind the defence and meet the ball just outside the box and in the same moment afdrible goalkeeper Jordan Pickford and score in the empty goal.

Origi, who most often is to find on the bench, frolicking in general, when the opponent is Everton. It was his fourth scoring against lokalrivalen in the last eight inter-league matches, and the fifth was to come later.

Before he once again got a leading role, grabbed Mané limelight, when he was just 11 minutes later, again, was at the game with an excellent assist.

This time he brought the ball forward in the left-hand side, and at the perfect time he found Xherdan Shaqiri, who scored from a free position to 2-0.

But Everton were not knocked out. The away team tried to put pressure, and it created reducing to 1-2 after 20 minutes. The ball was played well after a corner kick, and in the small field to beat Michael Keane for.

Ten minutes later it was Liverpool again in front by two. In the middle of his own half kicked Dejan Lovren the ball forward, and on the edge of the field to tame the Origi the ball and scored with a restrained halvflugter.

Shortly before the break ensured Mané so to 4-1. He even started the attack, played so gang with Trent Alexander-Arnold and udplacerede keeper Pickford to 4-1.

the Fight continued his insane målshow, and before the break reached Richarlison to head the 2-4 target check.

After the break fell the fight for peace. Liverpool were well satisfied with the state of things, and Everton, who had goalkeeper Jonas Lössl on the bench, had not the skill to get back in the purge.

In the final phase had two otherwise an excellent chance to create excitement with a reduction to 3-4, but instead increased Liverpool to 5-2 in the 90. minutes.

Roberto Firmino broke through in the left side of the field and served to Georginio Wijnaldum, who put the ball in at the far post.

A heavy blow for Everton, with Wednesday’s results are below the relegation zone with 14 points.