“I was hugely stressed out in the period. In addition to my work as worked for our family either. It was a really difficult time.”

The Danish goalkeeper Anders Lindegaard is in 2016 at a bit of crossroads. His career is uncertain, all the while the relationship to the model Misse Beqiri, who is the mother of his son, falters.

“It was very difficult, as I finished in Preston. It was right in the heart of the period in which our family went to pieces. Regardless of how your family is going to pieces, then it is terrible. And it’s 100 percent worse when there are children involved,” he says in a new section of Mattias Hundebølls podcast ‘Fårking Father’.

In the summer of 2016, the pair divorced. But despite a career that only has gone down after many years at Manchester United, there is only one thing that occupies him.

“The only thing I knew at the time, was that I would prioritize my child 100 percent. Ever since I took the decision, has my job been secondary. I chose that it is now first and foremost, was about to be a dad. So had the soccer ball on the grounds,” he says honestly.

It is also in the subsequent period, the Danish star meets his current girlfriend, Sofie Bording.

But although he increasingly took on the role as daddy, so he was still not ready to let go of also to be a goalkeeper.

In the summer of 2017, he goes hence, and is distraught. The couple have rented a cottage in north Zealand, and they are also out to travel. But He is not himself.

“If you ask Sophie, so she will say, that I was unbearable to be near. I could not relax, I could not be present, I could not function properly. And at the time lived Julian with us.”

this is Why the goalie is also very grateful to his current girlfriend.

He is well aware that he has a bit of a luggage.

“I am proud that a girl like Sofia would choose me in spite of all the shit I’m lugging with me.”

In the podcast he tells how it is specifically to get a new girlfriend, when suddenly you also have a child.

Here, the couple were, however, very quickly aware of how they should act in relation to the fodboldmålmandens son, Julian, who today is seven years.

“We met each other three years ago and was furiously in love, and she was aware that I had a child. I think both Sophie and I could feel that we would like each other in a more meaningful relationship. And so we went for a long time and read so much about how to do this when you get a new girlfriend.”

“I can remember, I listened to so many podcasts about everything to anything about the skilsmissebørn. We were very thorough with the house and Sofie are introduced as a friend, and it was really well thought out down to the smallest detail,” he explains.

In the podcast of roses, he also Sofie Bording to assume a parental role in a way, like he puts emphasis on how important it is for his son, he also has a female figure in everyday life to look up to.

It is not so often that Julian sees his mother, Missé Beqiri, who works as a model in London.

Lindegaard is moved back to Denmark, after he in years, Burnley out with the Swedish club Helsingborg.

The new family is now living in Frederiksberg.