“It was damn fine. Especially in the first half. Here, we check the match totally, both defensively and offensively. Mind you, without killing it. When the accounts for the spring to be made up, it’s three points as these, which can prove to be removed in the qualifiers for the mesterskabsslutspillet,” said Flemming Pedersen.

He was not the least satisfied with the attacker, Mohammed Kudus’ performance.

“Ghaneserens talent is very, very large. When you compare him with other players in the League, his technical and physical level of excellent. But he needs to become wiser and get used to the european game. By that I mean that he should be a little stronger in his decisions and in his foresight. He will develop in these areas, I see no limits for the talent,” said Flemming Pedersen.

He hopes that Mohammed Kudus also is FCN-play in the spring season.

“There will always be a risk that he slips. But he is clever. Therefore, he knows very well what will be the best. He could be gone in the summer. But he can see that north Zealand is not a stupid place to be. Here he gets peace to develop themselves,” said Flemming Pedersen.

Earlier in the autumn had Mohammed Kudus a spillem├Žssigt outcome, after which Flemming Pedersen decided to place him on the substitute bench in a few matches.

“It was a wake-up call for him. Subsequently, he has seriously taken up the gauntlet,” said Flemming Pedersen.