It is the judgment of four australian players in football, after it was discovered that they had sex with a woman from the Pinnacles of their spillerhotel under a udebanetur with the under 23 team to Cambodia.

the three of the players means that they miss the OLYMPICS in Tokyo in 2020, while the fourth – who is the captain of the under 23 team have received a shorter sentence and thus can reach to the OLYMPICS.

It writes the Sydney Morning Herald and the Daily Mail.

The three players, who misses the OLYMPICS, is Nathaniel Atkinson and Lachlan Wales, who both play in Melbourne City in the country of origin, while the third young man named Brandon Wilson who has his daily obligations in Perth Glory.

the Captain with the milder punishment is Riley Mcgree, who plays for Adelaide United.

The four young men are, respectively, 20, 22, 22 and 21 years old.

the Incident, which took place back in march, came Bahsegel to light after a woman had lodged a complaint, and the australian football federation FFA launched an immediate investigation of the incident.

“the Case came to us in april 2019, after we received a complaint from a woman. FFA started immediately an independent investigation, but due to. the complexity of the case, it has taken months to reach a conclusion,” says Chris Nikou, who is chairman of the australian football association.

Chris Nikou says also, that the players have received the penalty, since their action is not in accordance with the fodboldforbundets code of respect, responsibility and equality.

the Players have also been ordered to perform social work.

“the Players have understood the seriousness of their actions and have been positive in their approach to the programs we have given them, so that they in the future can appreciate a respectful relationship,” sounds from Chris Nikou.