FCM-players must be in vinteropstarten remember both a good autumn and the defeat against AGF, believe FCM-trainer.

FC Midtjylland have performed superbly throughout the season.

Sunday led the club as the season’s only second defeat in the 3F League, when AGF won 3-1 in Herning.

despite the defeat in the last battle praised the FCM-coach his players for their efforts in the fall.

– Players must remember each other in the autumn, which they have supplied. It has been absolutely outstanding, ” says Brian Priske.

the FCM-coach Brian Priske hope that the defeat to AGF can be turned into something positive.

– Right now and in the next few hours, which makes it of course hurt, but the players must remember the feeling like they are sitting with after the defeat, for it shall be fuel for the holidays and a tough start-up, says FCM-coach.

Captain Erik Defends has had a big share in the club’s beautiful fall and was recently named to the autumn profile.

the Defender does not believe that the three cashed goals in a short time in Sunday’s match against AGF should destroy the building.

– Eight minutes on an autumn must not paint the negativity out of the FCM. We have been tremendously good in many matches, says Erik Defends.

the Defeat to AGF provides captain blood on the tooth in relation to the remaining matches, which is waiting on the other side of the winter break.

– It gives me some fuel, and ambition, and I promise that I also will pass it on to my teammates, ” he says.

Also, the team he will play for Svend Graversen is satisfied with the troupe’s effort in the autumn and do not expect much activity in the January month’s transfervindue.

– We are insanely happy for the squad that we have, for the players have made it excellent. It is not like you see us be really active on the market, says sportschefen.