more and more Germans put on a vegan life. According to the German Vegetarierbunds ProVeg around 1.3 million people live in Germany currently, purely vegetable. According to estimates, per day, about 200 Vegans should be added. There are numerous Restaurants that have specialized on the vegan kitchen, also super markets to go to this Trend.

But also in the animal feed trade, you can find now a vegan specialties. Many come to the fatal conclusion: “If I am vegan and it is good for me, then it must be the vegan diet for my pet well.”

animals vegan feed: “This is animal cruelty!”

The Frankfurt veterinarian Astrid Behr has for these people, a resolute answer: “no!”. On a vegan diet for dogs and cats addressed, it not only has an opinion: “Meat-free feeding of the dog and cat is right. This is animal cruelty!“ And she speaks not only from professional experience. For 45 years, she is a pet owner. Over the years they have had between one and three dogs, cats and Guinea pigs. The idea to feed their animals a vegan, it would never come.

she is of the view: “Each person can decide for himself, how he eats.The dogs and cats are dependent on us. Means: The person has the responsibility to keep the animal as it is for the animal properly.“

Vegan diets are dangerous: domestic animals threatened with a lack of protein

a Concern on a vegan diet is the lack of animal proteins for animals: “dogs need about 60 percent of animal protein, cats and even 90 percent. That is to say: A dog you could feed in a theoretical and vegetarian, in the case of a cat, but that is impossible. Both animals are often counted among the meat-eaters, actually, it is a prey animal eater.“ Save electricity with Pets, how to (display)

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Therefore, the expert advises all holders: “a Building of meat in the diet of the animals.” It contains particularly high-quality protein, which provide dogs and cats with essential, and well usable amino acids. In addition, meat and fish provide valuable vitamins and minerals, such as iron and zinc.

Dangerous to the vegan diet, the elimination of dairy products was. “The animals are a huge nutrient deficiency, which can have dire health consequences: the bones, the muscles, the immune system, and metabolism could be adversely affected.”

when feeding their Pets on a balance!

Critical in the animal feed, the balance is, because only in this way Pets stay healthy:

1. Macro nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats

2. Micro-nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements

adequate nutrient intake through a purely herbal Ernährungsei currently not yet scientifically proven. “Therefore, it is not excluded that the vegan feeding, despite a notional demand is still insufficient,” explains Behr.

other recent diet trends, she recommends more of, for example, by the so-called “Barfen”, the raw meat feeding in dogs. “Barf” stands for “Bones and raw foods”. This diet is per se not bad, but leads often to a lack of nutrition. It is important nutrients were missing. “There are massive hygiene problems, it’s the Salmonella.”

self-catering should be of a medical professionals advise

There are also dog and cat owners, the pet food on home-cooked swear. The expert also calls for caution: “if you cook, you should be in the diet composition of medical professionals advise.” Too often, important nutrients would be missing. A puppy will need a very different compilation than an adult dog. A pregnant bitch will need, for example, particularly a lot of protein.

The vet recommends a balanced diet plan. The faculty of veterinary medicine of the LMU Munich, for example, offers telephone nutrition consultations for dogs and cats. Alternatively, the animal could let the owner from the veterinarian for advice.

This could alternatively also recommend special ready-to-feed. “What is declared as the sole feed in Germany, must actually contain all the important nutrients. This is not the case, it will be determined, for example, The Stiftung Warentest in regular Tests. Where you can be guided then, should you opt for ready-to-feed.“

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