The great Italian sportsavis Corriere Dello Sport has ended up in shitstorm with accusations of racism as a result of a controversial home.

the Scandal has gone around the world, and the two big clubs AS Roma and AC Milan have launched a boycott. But now turn the newspaper back against the charges.

“Who is it you call racists? In lyncher a newspaper, which for years has defended freedom and equality,” writes the newspaper on the front page of today’s newspaper, where there is also a big collage of past front pages and stories to the Corriere dello Sport, which had to defend this claim.

It was the front page of Thursday’s newspaper, which started the fuss. Here baked the Corriere dello Sport, up to the evening’s crash between AS Roma and Inter, each of which has two of Serie A’s biggest profiles on the team, Chris Smalling and Romelu Lukaku.

Both players are black, why the newspaper chose to call the great forsiderubrik for ‘Black Friday’. It is this play on words with reference to players ‘ skin color, which has created massive resentment among the fans, journalists, players and clubs.

Both Lukaku and Smalling has also publicly denounced the front.

the Corriere dello Sport editor-in-chief Ivan Zazzaroni rejects, however, that the newspaper should have racist ulterior motives, but to the front, however, should be seen as ‘a tribute to the value of people’s differences’.

“If you don’t understand it, it’s either because you can’t, or because you don’t want to. Black Friday is a harmless box in a newspaper, our newspaper, which for almost a hundred years passionate and stubbornly defended the sport’s values,” says the leader, which ends thus:

“And now it’s turned into the gift of those who have married in.”

In the aftermath on the ballad, told AS Roma and AC Milan out quickly, that they choose to bokotte sportsavisen.

“We believe that the players, clubs, supporters and the media must be united in the fight against racism in football, and we all have a responsibility to be very precise in the words we choose and the messages we deliver,” writes AS Roma in a press release.

doing so will journalists from sportsavisen not be welcome at the clubs training facility, nor will it be possible for them to make interviews with the players, sounds.

the Boycott applies until 1. January. It is due to the both clubs are aware that the Corriere dello Sport did not intend to be racist with the front page, informs the.

Italian football has for years been plagued by cases of racism, which in a certain degree genemsyrer fodboldmiljĂžet from fans all over klubbosser to parts of the media.

Alone in this season is Romelu Lukaku has been met with abelyde, when he had to take a penalty kick in the away game against Cagliari.

And Mario Balotelli reacted by threatening to leave the pitch at the away game against Verona, when he felt racially treated by the spectators.