“We can obviously not lose.”

Åge Hareides long streak of matches without defeat. And now also a prize draw at Uefas headquarters.

“It is just very what we do. Whether it is on the track or a draw. What must it not end with?” asks the DBU’s fodbolddirektør, Peter Møller.

B. T. catches him shortly after that Uefas draw in Nyon unfolded such that the EM match between Denmark and Russia to be played in Copenhagen. Thus, to play the men’s team all three of EM want to be in the Park for the summer.

“you Can talk about an early christmas present or a decent bonus then it is to be allowed to play three matches in the Park, instead of two. It is the whole game. If we think it was great it needs to happen this summer, so it is much larger now. It’s fantastic for Danish football,” says Peter Møller.

One of his primary tasks is to increase the popularity around the Danish national team. And the extra battle only comes to add even a better opportunity for it, Denmark will open its EM-tournament 13. June 2020.

“It does, we get the wildest fodboldsommer we have ever had and is ever going to have. It creates a lot of expectation, and so we will take on us. But it also creates a lot of excitement and joy. And I am sure we will spread the entire football feast out to the whole of Denmark. Vevobahis It has been historically.”

Folkefesten, however, likely to be greater in everything that is going on around the Danish national team and hjemmebanekampene in the Park.

Uefa is the organizer of all the fighting and therefore also responsible for ticket sales for the three european championship matches on Danish ground. So a massive backing in the Park is not a must.

To the contrast, there is no doubt that the purely sporting for the men’s team gets an advantage with all of the matches in the Park rather than just two group stage matches.

“I’m thinking of the here enthusiasm, on the danes, who have the opportunity to be quite close in the three matches.”

“But for the players it gives a sense of security to play in a stadium, you have been on before. You know omklædningsforholdene. We can stay at the same hotel (in the entire group stage, red). The charging may be, as we know it.”

“So it is all other things being equal, a sporting bonus that we have three games at home. On the results so as to become better, we can only predict the. But we hope of course, that because we don’t travel as much in the beginning, so we are going to travel more to last in the tournament,” says Peter Møller.

He can simultaneously guarantee that the otherwise reviled track in the Park, enough to get to stand focus, and when to play EM ball to June. The same warranty has the Park itself was given earlier.

“I have never seen the Park be bad in June and July. We are in dialogue with the Park on the going forward – we should hopefully be playing there in the fall also – it must be better. I see almost rather that it is very good in november, because I know that it is good in June.”

Denmark is in the EM-group with Russia and Belgium, as well as a fourth team. It will be either Wales or Finland, which completes the Danish EM-group, and it is determined by the great EM-draw 30. november.