There skortede not on the motivation or fire in the eyes of the Malmö-players, as they went out of the Park stunning new at the on Thursday evening.

For FCK’s attitude in the run-up to the Europa League-it was against Swedish rivals served as the perfect fuel for the light blue, who prevailed 1-0 in a chanceforladt but intense affair.

“As I have heard it, they (FCK, ed.) a lot of talk about it here was Malmö’s largest battle in history – which it was – and that it was just another match in the row for the FCK – which it also was far from being,” sounded the following from Malmö Danish profile of Anders ‘AC’ Christiansen.

“For if it had been a fight in the series, they had not received such a support, on which they got today. And the thing that just makes it better to leave this group with four points against FCK.”

“the Motivation to come over here and play and show off with the Central logo on the chest was big.”

But even if it was Malmö, who won, could both teams rejoice in the advancement from the Europa League group stage after the 90 minutes because of the Dinamo Kiev’s coke at home against Lugano.

“to be completely honest, so it was important that we won. And what happened in the second match, was damn not so important to me.”

“But I have some Danish comrades here in the FCK, and I under them, to the the 1/16 final. And also good for English football with some ranking points. But seen in isolation, so I thought only in Malmö,” told ‘AC’.

in fact, It was almost miraculously, to the Danish midtbanestrateg did through the 80 minutes of Thursday’s match.

“When I woke up yesterday (Wednesday, red.), I started to throw up and so I lay in bed until seven o’clock in the evening. AT no point I felt that my body could play a match today (Thursday, ed.).”

“But then I started to get some food and some sugar, and then I came slowly upstairs again. And I have been treated in the head and ass all day today, and so kept it for 80 minutes.”

drawn ticket for the Europe League 1/16-finals on Monday.