Three loud shots brought a young woman from Urenheim on Monday to see outside your front door to the Right. There, she discovered horrified, that her 78-was a year old neighbor to kill his own pet. The Bavarian police reported.

man killed the dog and threatened the 22-Year-old

The man had shot the dog first shot and then with a pickaxe on him and hammered until it was dead. As the pensioner noticed the young woman, he aimed the gun at you and asked if he should shoot them too.

The frightened 22-Year-old fled back to the house and alerted the police. As the officers approached, claimed the 78-Year-old, he had shot the dog with a BB gun shot, what this run was. Another weapon he does not possess.

police found the buried dog, and firearms

Subsequently, the police searched the premises and found already after a short time a suspicious place, where they discovered the buried four-legged friends.

Then a search warrant, the officers found the murder weapon, a small caliber rifle with ammunition, the pickaxe and a Taser gun be followed.

The retirees must answer now before the court because of the killing of the dog, the threat of the young woman and because of the unlawful possession of a firearm. Lioness Zebra young in its mouth, then its parent uses to counter-attack at FOCUS Online/Wochit lioness Zebra young in its mouth, then its parent uses to counter-attack to All the important messages to the Coronavirus in the FOCUS Online Newsletter. Subscribe now.