The German weather service has issued for several regions of Germany, the highest warning level (purple). In the affected regions of severe Thunderstorms with heavy heavy rain and hail threaten. Stays Outdoors should be avoided, according to the DWD as much as possible.

In these districts of warning level 4 is currently:

  • circle Börde
  • saline County
  • Kreis Eichsfeld
  • Saale-holzland
  • Kreis Weimarer Land
  • Saale-Orla-Kreis
  • Kreis Saalfeld-Rudolstadt

In many other regions, in particular in the North of Germany, the DWD with warning level 3 warning.

“, Is a very large thunderstorm complex”: the monitoring station is fully

19.36 at: Severe Thunderstorm with heavy rain and hail moved in the case of humid air over Brandenburg and Berlin across. Trees fell in several places, it came to Floods and accidents.

The fire went out, to the numerous operations in the control centers, many of the calls were received. Especially in the districts of Oberspreewald-Lausitz and Dahme-Spreewald, trees fell due to heavy rain and storm, a spokesman for the Regional control centre in Cottbus said. The basement ran the full. People had initially been injured. According to a police spokesperson, there have been several traffic accidents on the highways 9, 10, and 115, which may have been due to heavy rainfall triggered.

The Storm caused, of all things, in the regional control centre for emergency calls in Eberswalde for water damage. There is the control centre for the fire and disaster protection and rescue service of the rural districts of Barnim, oberhavel and Uckermark delivery, according to the district water in the building. In the process, pumps were used. The place is always available for emergency calls to reach, it said. Julian steels/dpa-Central image/Z

In Berlin were initially no major damage known to have been reported, such as the fire brigade. The forces had been indented in the afternoon to a flooded basement and occasionally because of fallen trees caused.

“It’s a very large thunderstorm complex,” said a spokesman of the German weather service. “It is expected that selectively have fallen to 40 liters per square meter in an hour.” This also includes small-grained hail could come. In Münchehofe in Brandenburg (district of Dahme-Spreewald) had come on Saturday afternoon 30 litres on square metre within an hour in Wittstock/Dosse, it was 27 liters per square meter.

The stormy weather with very warm air from the direction of Poland, could continue, according to the experts, until Sunday. The risk of severe weather will stay in the night from Saturday to Sunday there, the spokesman said. Sunday should be drier, but still warm air from the North East flock to the Region.

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