The Danish football clubs AGF and OB are now opening a dialogue, after a youth coach from Aarhus-the club went on Facebook and raged over the racist chants from a group of OB-fans during an U19 match.

this was stated by The AGF in a press release.

“AGF’s youth teams played on Saturday the 23. november matches in Odense against OB’s youth team. In this context, there were several problematic incidents of heckling and swearing at the AGF’s youth players from the stands. It tells both players and managers from the AGF, now in dialogue with the OB on the case,” says talentchef in AGF, Allan Frederiksen.

“Our players and coaches tell us that they heard inappropriate words and chants with racist undertones from the local audience to the fighting, where there was a larger group of OB-fans present.”

the Club has no further comments on the matter until the investigation is clarified.

It was AGFs trainer Fatah Abdirahman, who on Saturday at his Facebookprofil expressed his displeasure and outrage about the experience.

“We play today against Casino Siteleri the absolute top team from the OB and is the second team in the league, taking points from them. The boys deliver a nice effort and the warrior the home, after we get a red card,” writes Fatah Abdirahman on Facebook and added:

“But the joy will disappear, when you hear that several of the OB fans yell abelyde after one of our players.”

“Then disappears the joy just is, and it’s a struggle we all must take part in. It disappoints me that you don’t get it stopped, when it is being said repeatedly!!,” wrote the AGF coach on.

B. T. was the Sunday of the contact with the OB, who stated that they are investigating the matter and have no further comments until then.

Sunday was B. T. also fat of the judge who sentenced the U19 match between AGF and OB.

“I have nothing to be reported, and neither have I heard some racist sounds from the onlookers. I even talked also with AGF’s coach after the game, and here he mentioned nothing,” says Paw Johansen to B. T.