It had consequences.

Thus, the players were on the Aalborg crew used out of the pitch, as referee Jakob Kehlet whistled the battle of.

“Their response is completely okay. I was also not satisfied with our performance. Our expressions in the first half was too cumbersome and it is not there will want to go,” said Denmark’s head coach Jacob Friis.

His analysis was backed up by veteran Patrick Kristensen, who made the own goal, and was replaced by Kasper Pedersen in the break.

“It is never fun, but how is it when not becoming performed better,” said Patrick Christensen, who irked over the AaB’s conclusion of the fall, where in the last three matches just conquered the two points.

“We thought a few weeks ago, we were well on the way. Therefore, it is bad, that we end such here of. Now we go a long winter. There will be enough to think about,” said Patrick Kristensen.

the Mood at Kristoffer Pallesen was also not the very best, although he was noted for his career first Superliga goal.

“of Course I am happy for fuldtr√¶fferen. It was actually quite well kicked in. But I had now wished that the scoring had been more significant. Now lose we and we are of course insanely disappointed,” said Kristoffer Pallesen, who has just extended his contract with AaB until the summer of 2024.

“I thrive in the AaB. Since I came to the club I have pendlet back and forth between my current residence in Aarhus and Aalborg. But now I take the consequences, and coming to me in the north,” said Kristoffer Pallesen.

Although the AaB wintering with 28 points and currently share the unique in scandinavia because the fifth place with FC Nordsjælland, see head coach Jacob Friis positively on grundspillets six final matches in February and march of next year.

“We believe and hope that the qualification for the mesterskabsslutspillet are guaranteed, but we are well aware that there will be cut-throat competition for the top six rankings,” said Jacob Friis.

Earlier in the autumn of his three-year-old daughter suffering from leukemia.

This has meant that he has missed a single battle, and that he in the past few months has been living in Aarhus, where his daughter to be treated medically.

“It is a rollercoaster ride my little family has landed in. It goes up and down. So called the stem cell transplant and then you have to out to find a donor. I will not say that it is uphill, but it is a fierce fight and something we take day by day. I do not wish for my worst enemy to end up in the situation in which we are plunged. But it is something we must go through. So we try to keep the propeller in the water,” said Jacob Friis.