“do you remember how I claimed that in the Philippines there are people big bats? Here you can see what I was talking about,“ commented a Twitter User by the end of June, its posted pictures. To see A black bat: animal that hangs over the head of a roof. Tightly wrapped in his coat, it has closed eyes and looks as if it would sleep peacefully. For this reason, but mainly because of its size, the animal, almost human. Visa secured?

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On the social network Twitter photos of the “human-sized bat drag” plenty of attention. So far, they have been commented on more than 271.000 liked and about 110,000 Times or divided.

not quite right, the Twitter User is with his description of the image. In the case of the creatures on the photo, according to the facts checkers of Mimikama not a bat but a flying dog. The gold crown flying Fox is the largest bat animals of the world and is native to the Philippine Islands.

the size of The animal is mainly due to the camera perspective

The Mammal can attain according to the report, a wingspan of up to 1.7 meters, a full-grown animal weighs about 1 kilogram. “People” is not the flying dog, with a head fuselage length of up to 29 centimeters, however, he is more of a dog similar. The animal on the photo is so big, is mainly the perspective from which it was taken, thanks.

Because of the progressive destruction and hunting, and its habitat ends of the gold crown flying Fox is becoming increasingly rare. He is now regarded as threatened with extinction. Fear people do not need the air dog by the way: As a vegetarian, he eats mainly fruit, preferably figs.

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