According to authorities, twelve people were injured in a massive nighttime rocket attack on the Ukrainian capital Kiev. Two of the injured were taken to hospital, the others were treated as outpatients, Mayor Vitali Klitschko said on his Telegram channel. Russia is said to have used cruise missiles, as well as Iskander and modern hypersonic Kinschal missiles, in the attack.

According to Ukrainian air defense, Russia fired a total of 31 rockets and cruise missiles from strategic bombers at Kiev. The military in Kiev said all of them had been shot down. Damage was still caused by the falling rocket debris. It hit residential buildings, but also a kindergarten.

Russia regularly shells targets in Ukraine’s hinterland, destroying residential buildings, energy and water supply facilities and other infrastructure. Civilians are also killed or injured. However, the capital Kiev was spared from these attacks for around a month and a half.

The current reason for the major attack could be both the recently increased Ukrainian attacks on the Russian border region of Belgorod and a drone attack on the Engels airfield in the Volga region of Saratov, 500 kilometers from the border. Strategic bombers of the type Tu-95 are stationed at the airfield, which were now used in the shelling of Kiev.