Shortly before the cabinet meeting at Schloss Meseberg, SPD chairman Lars Klingbeil called for the ministers to work together more “quietly”.

“I expect that people will also talk about how future governance can be more silent than it has been in recent weeks,” Klingbeil told the Rheinische Post. “As a result of the public dispute between individual ministers, uncertainty seeped into society. That simply has to end.” The cabinet meeting in Meseberg is this Tuesday and Wednesday.

Klingbeil said that Meseberg must also send out a signal for Germany as a business location: “Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced that, and he has our full support. I think the Growth Opportunities Act could have been passed two weeks ago, but it works also about reducing bureaucracy and digitization so that Germany remains a strong business location.” If it were up to the SPD, this would also include an industrial electricity price.

The Growth Opportunities Act, which provides around 50 tax breaks for companies, is to be launched in Meseberg on Wednesday. It had recently been blocked by Family Minister Lisa Paus (Greens) because of the unclear financing of basic child security – but the traffic light coalition had agreed on Monday night.