After the false start due to a technical breakdown, the high school graduates in North Rhine-Westphalia started their written final exams one day late on Thursday. All schools downloaded the exam tasks from a server on Wednesday, said a spokesman for the Ministry of Education when asked by dpa. “We have no problem ads.”

The Abitur exams in art, music, geography, education, history, social sciences, philosophy, psychology, law, sociology, economics, religion and physical education began at 9:00 in the morning.

Actually, the Abitur 2023 in NRW should have started on Wednesday with exams in several scientific and technical subjects. After massive technical problems, the Ministry of Education had postponed the exams nationwide to Friday at short notice. Most schools were unable to download the tasks for the Central Abitur from the server. The ministry pointed out that all schools would now have to download the exam tasks for Friday from Thursday noon – even the schools that managed to download them on Tuesday despite the technical problems.

According to the ministry, the next regular Abitur exam day is this Monday. The tasks should be downloaded on Friday.