After the false start due to a technical glitch, the high school graduates in North Rhine-Westphalia started their written final exams one day late on Thursday – and according to the Ministry of Education without any problems. To be on the safe side, however, new test tasks should be used for Friday, as the authority announced on Twitter.

“There is no evidence that tasks were leaked from the download for the original exam date on Tuesday,” it says. Nevertheless, any residual risk should be excluded.

According to the ministry, on Tuesday the download of the tasks originally planned for the following day only worked in about every third of 900 schools. Around 30,000 high school graduates, who as a result can only take their exams in biology, chemistry, nutrition, computer science, physics and technology on Friday, are affected.

However, it became known that some headmasters are said to have sent the tasks to neighboring schools where the download had not worked. In the event of a data leak, the Abitur would be legally contestable. According to the ministry, the downloading of the tasks for the exams this Friday went smoothly until Thursday afternoon.