Thousands of refugees from Afghanistan are expected to move out of their hotel accommodations in the UK over the next few months. The conservative government of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced in London that those affected would receive letters at the end of April. Then they should have three months to move out. By the end of the year, all of the almost 9,000 Afghans who have stayed in hotels since fleeing in August 2021 will have left them, the Times reported.

The government cost of accommodating refugees in hotels is a recurring issue in Britain. According to the government, the Afghans should be offered other accommodation. “However, if they don’t accept the offer, there will be no other,” said Secretary of State Johnny Mercer. It is not sustainable to accommodate people in hotels when the cost of living is high. According to The Times, military bases could serve as refugee shelters.

After the militant Islamist Taliban returned to power in Afghanistan, the West evacuated local Afghan forces. However, many had to stay behind. Labor MP John Healey criticized the government for issuing “eviction notices to 8,000 Afghans, half of whom are children, with no guarantee that they will be offered a suitable place to live.”

The British government wants to severely limit the possibilities of applying for asylum in Great Britain with a new law. The plan is to detain all people entering the UK irregularly, regardless of their background, for up to a month. They are then to be deported to their homeland or – if that would be too dangerous – to Rwanda or another country.