After Hamas’ major attack on Israel, Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock warned of an escalation in the region. “This day is a turning point, an unprecedented act of escalation by Hamas,” said the Green Party politician on Saturday in Berlin. “As a result of these terrorist attacks, there is now an incalculable risk of a major regional escalation.” The Foreign Minister said she could only “warn in the strongest possible terms that others join in this terror.”

Hamas has brought terror to Israel to an unknown extent, said Baerbock. “Nothing justifies indiscriminate rocket fire, commando attacks on peaceful civilians, the brutal kidnapping of innocent people.” In Baerbock’s words, the hostage-taking by Hamas is “abhorrent and violates international humanitarian law.”

The federal government’s crisis team met at the Foreign Office, Baerbock continued. At this time, travel to Israel and the Palestinian territories is strongly discouraged. Baerbock called on all German nationals on site to sign up for the crisis list.

“Hamas’ terror must stop immediately,” demanded Baerbock. The federal government stands in solidarity with Israel. Israel has the right under international law to defend itself. The escalation of violence by Hamas shows once again that only a political solution can bring the people of Israel and the Palestinian people a life of peace and dignity.

US President Joe Biden has also already reacted. In view of the large-scale surprise attack on Israel by the Palestinian organization Hamas, he warned “all other anti-Israel actors” not to want to exploit the situation. Biden said on Saturday in Washington that he had spoken on the phone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and reiterated that the US was ready to offer Israel “all appropriate means of support.” “Israel has a right to defend itself and its people,” he said.

At least 70 people have been killed in Israel since the Hamas attack began on Saturday morning, according to emergency services. Hundreds more people were injured, as the Magen David Adom rescue service announced in the afternoon. The militant Palestinian organization Hamas launched “Operation Al-Aqsa Flood” in the morning and fired thousands of rockets from the Gaza Strip at targets in Israel. At the same time, fighters entered Israeli territory. Support for the Hamas attacks came from Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah militia.

In response, Israel’s air force carried out attacks on targets in the Gaza Strip, killing at least 198 people and injuring at least 1,610 others, according to Palestinian information. “We are at war,” said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.