Berlin’s governing mayor Kai Wegner (CDU) believes a federal coalition between the Union and the Greens is possible. “In many federal states, black-green or green-black works well,” said Wegner, who is also the Berlin state chairman of the CDU, in an interview with the “Tagesspiegel” (Friday). “The Greens would certainly have to develop more pragmatism again. But of course this is also an option for the federal government that cannot be ruled out. And should not be ruled out.”

CDU leader Friedrich Merz said at the Gillamoos folk festival in Lower Bavaria: “These Greens cannot be a coalition partner for the Union if they stubbornly deny reality as they do in migration policy or internal security.”

At the beer tent appearance, Merz also said: “Kreuzberg is not Germany, Gillamoos is Germany.” Wegner said in the interview: “You don’t always have to consciously misunderstand Friedrich Merz. For me it’s clear: Berlin is just as much Germany as Gillamoos. We are the German capital, Friedrich Merz also knows that.” The city’s diversity is its strength, and of course Kreuzberg is part of that.