The environmental organization Greenpeace has protested against nuclear power with light projections at the remaining active nuclear power plants Neckarwestheim 2, Isar 2 and Emsland. On Thursday evening, the activists projected expired TÜV stickers onto the power plants along with the words “Expired” and “Switch off”.

With the campaign, Greenpeace wanted to draw attention to the fact that a safety check would have been due for the three nuclear power plants in 2019. The organization also pointed out that Saturday marks the twelfth anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

This test, in which the power plants are examined intensively over many months, was suspended in view of the initially planned shutdown date of December 31, 2022. According to the assessment of the Federal Ministries for Economic Affairs and the Environment from last year, the three plants are nevertheless at a high level in terms of safety.

Saskia Reinbeck, who is responsible for energy at Greenpeace, criticized the fact that cars with a TÜV sticker that had expired for years were being taken off the road. “In the same way, the last three nuclear power plants should have been shut down long ago,” she said, according to the statement. The fact that nuclear power plants are risky has not only been known since the Fukushima disaster. “Every cent that is put into nuclear power or fossil energies is missing in the energy transition and in grid expansion.” This must end on April 15th.

After a word of power from Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) last year, the red-green-yellow federal government decided that the three remaining nuclear power plants should continue to operate beyond the end of the year until April 15th. After that, the use of nuclear power should be over in Germany.