According to the state media, a second demonstrator was executed in Iran in the course of the system-critical protests. Majid-Reza R., accused of “waging war against God”, was publicly hanged on Monday in the city of Mashad in the north-east of the country, the state news agency IRNA reported.

The man is said to have murdered two members of the notorious paramilitary Basij militia with a knife during protests in November. The court had accused him of “waging war against God” and sentenced him to death in accordance with Islamic legal opinion.

At least 25 protesters are on the death list

The rap musician Mohsen S. was executed last Thursday. He is said to have attacked a Basij member with a gun, causing terror and blocking a road. His execution was sharply condemned at home and abroad. The human rights organization Amnesty International described the death sentence as an “unfair sham trial”. According to media reports, at least 25 demonstrators are on the Iranian judiciary’s death list – two of whom have already been executed.

The trigger for the nationwide protests was the death of the Iranian Kurd Mahsa Amini. She died in police custody on September 16 after being arrested by the Morality Police for breaking the Islamic dress code. According to human rights activists, more than 475 demonstrators have been killed in the meantime, and the judiciary is also taking a tough line against protesters. They are repeatedly referred to by the state leadership as terrorists or riot mongers.

The foreign ministers of the EU states will discuss developments in Iran this Monday in Brussels. It is expected that further sanctions against those responsible for serious human rights violations will also be decided at the meeting. This is to respond to the ongoing brutal repression of the protests in the country.