Ms. Nisovkina, in your home country of Buryatia, Russian men are now increasingly receiving notices from the military authorities: They should go to war. Is the next mobilization underway? In the past month I have been asked for legal advice more frequently. Currently, many young conscripts are being pressured to sign contracts as temporary soldiers. So they end up in a war zone without the possibility of ending the contract again. Like many other observers, I believe that a new mobilization will soon be announced.

What can men do about the military notices? I advise everyone not to join the military of their own free will. Everyone should also prepare themselves for being taken there against their will. That’s why it’s best to collect all documents that could help you: evidence of illnesses, relatives in need of care, children, religious affiliation.

Buryatia was particularly hard hit by mobilization. In terms of population, many more men were drafted from Buryatia than from other regions of Russia. The villages were particularly hit hard. Many men were picked up at night and had

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