At the G20 meeting of economic powers, Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock called on Russia to end the war of aggression against Ukraine. “Stop this war. Stop the violation of our international order. Stop the bombing of Ukrainian cities and civilians,” demanded the Green politician on Thursday at meetings of the G20 foreign ministers in India’s capital, New Delhi, according to information from delegation circles. She turned directly to Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

“It is good that you are here in the hall to listen,” Baerbock said to the Russian minister. “Stop the war. Not in a month or a year, but today.” She added, “Because every family that loses a father, a brother, a mother, a child loses a whole world.” There is no right for the fittest to attack their little neighbors. At the G20 meeting last year, Lavrov left the group of foreign ministers so that he would not have to listen to criticism.

Baerbock: Different perspectives

Baerbock pointed out that there are different perspectives on the war in Ukraine among the G20 members. “But what unites us all is that there is not a single place in the world where the Russian war has had positive consequences.” This includes Russia itself. This is shown by thousands of people who left Russia and the country’s economic data.

She also expressed concern that Russia would suspend the “New Start” treaty to reduce nuclear weapons. Baerbock urged Lavrov to resume dialogue with the US and return to full implementation of the treaty.

Great challenges like the Covid pandemic can only be overcome together. Germany is approaching the G20 partners so that they can do what the group was invented for: to give the world hope that the challenges of our time can be solved. The G20 includes large industrialized and emerging countries, including Russia and China.