To relieve the asylum system, Thuringia’s Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (left) has proposed a blanket recognition of all asylum seekers who arrived after 2014. One condition could be that they have lived in Germany for at least three years without any complaints, Ramelow told the editorial network Germany (Friday editions).

People who have been living in Germany for more than three years and have not attracted attention during this time “should be given the prospect of staying instead of completing all the asylum procedures,” demanded the left-wing politician, with a view to the refugee summit in the Chancellery on 10 April. May. “Then we could save ourselves all the bureaucracy and deportation debates,” said Ramelow, adding that Germany “wouldn’t have to recruit any more workers.”

The left-wing politician also emphasized that the federal government must help the states and municipalities to bear the financial burdens resulting from the influx of refugees. So far, around a million Ukrainians have come to Germany, and around 20,000 other refugees from other countries are currently arriving every month.

“The federal government must help financially,” Ramelow demanded. Neither the federal states nor the municipalities had decided on the freedom of movement within Europe, which would enable immigration. Saying that according to the constitution the municipalities are responsible for housing and caring for refugees has “a mocking undertone,” Ramelow criticized.