After protests against the demolition of the village of Lützerath and the excavation of lignite, the organization Fridays for Future is now calling for new large-scale climate demonstrations.

A new so-called global climate strike is scheduled to take place on March 3, spokeswoman Pauline Brünger said. A policy will then be demanded that does justice to the climate crisis.

“Destroying fossil energies,” Brünger argued. “Lützerath is an example of this, but the list of government misconduct in climate policy is long,” she said. She also cited the transport sector as an example. “Radical changes in all sectors” and a serious implementation of the Paris climate protection agreement are needed, said Brünger.

Fridays for Future has called for global climate protests several times in the past. In September 2022, for example, tens of thousands of people took to the streets in Germany.

Most recently, climate activists had mobilized demonstrators with protests against the demolition of Lützerath. The village, a district of Erkelenz west of Cologne, has been evacuated by the police and is to be excavated to get to the lignite underneath. RWE and the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia argue that this is urgently needed to maintain energy security. Climate activists deny that.