From January, more households in Germany are to be relieved with a state rent subsidy. The housing allowance is also to be increased by an average of 190 euros per month, as the Bundestag decided. Two million households could benefit from the new housing benefit, 1.4 million more than before, said Building Minister Klara Geywitz (SPD).

These included, for example, people with low incomes, pensioners, single parents – regardless of whether they live for rent or own their own home. “With this housing benefit reform, which is historically unique in terms of its scope, we are ensuring that these people can bear their housing costs,” said Geywitz. The Federal Council still has to approve the reform at the end of November.

On average, housing benefit households will receive around 370 euros a month in the future. The housing benefit is a state subsidy for rent for households that do not receive social benefits but still have little money. In the future, people who earn minimum wage or have a pension of a comparable amount should also be able to apply for housing benefit.

Several factors determine the amount of housing benefit

The amount of housing benefit depends not only on income, but also on rent, household size and place of residence. You can use the building ministry’s housing allowance calculator online to calculate whether you could get it.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz praised the decision. “I am pleased that the Bundestag approved the major reform for the

The SPD politician Brian Nickholz also campaigned for the reform: “Citizen’s allowance and housing benefit go hand in hand. Together it is a socio-political milestone”.

FDP advocates a decision

In addition, the FDP spoke out in favor of the decision. “The housing benefit plus that has now been decided helps people who need support in a targeted manner,” said FDP MP Daniel Föst. The traffic light government is showing “that it is not leaving people alone in the crisis,” said the construction and housing policy spokesman.

The opposition criticized the housing benefit reform. “If this is supposed to be such a reform of the century, then you should have taken more damn care, then you should have been faster. What you are presenting to us here is well-intentioned at best. But in fact it is really badly done “Said the CDU construction expert Jan-Marco Luczak.

The Central Real Estate Committee (ZIA) welcomed the decision. “The federal government is using the right levers to protect more people who really need support from being overwhelmed in this tense situation,” said President Andreas Mattner. At the same time, the ZIA called for housing benefit offices to be set up digitally as quickly as possible. Only then could the help be targeted and the support paid out quickly.