Once California as a model in the case of the Corona suppression in the United States was. As one of the first Federal States, strict output imposed restrictions – with success. However, in the past few weeks, more and more of these restrictions has been lifted. And we are paying the price now. Unlike in China or Europe, the pandemic is weakening, there is no way. The number of hospital admissions in the entire state has reached a historic high.

California is one of the three major U.S. States, is on the verge of collapse. Also in Florida and Texas, the situation is more than tense, in each of these three States, there were more than 10,000 new infections per day. In a week, U.S. authorities report an average of nearly 50,000 new infections per day.

Therefore, responded California. In several of the most affected districts, including Los Angeles County, had Restaurants close their indoor areas. Also cinemas, museums and Zoos were tight. This can also be used as a response to the increase in the frightened population regarded the majority of the inhabitants in surveys increasingly concerned. 53 percent of respondents in a recent survey that was quickly eased, as the “Los Angeles Times” reported.

Texas: Medical personnel at the load limit

In Texas was Governor Greg Abbott turning in the light of the dramatic increase in the number of new infections a returns. The Republicans ordered on Thursday a mask mandatory for all districts with 20 or more Corona cases. Thus, the spread of the Virus could not only be slowed, but the economy will be kept Running, said Abbott.

He followed the line of more than a dozen States. The step was nonetheless remarkable. Abbott had said in June: “The government may not require individuals to wear face masks.”

meanwhile, the hospitals are sounding the Alarm. The “United Memorial Medical Center” in Houston is always one of more patients, the need to be connected to ventilation equipment. The medical staff was a daily 16 to 20 hours in use, CNN quoted Joseph Varon, “Chief Medical Officer”. And in the Texas Rio Grande Vallye hospital shall set up a tent in the open, in order to cope with the influx of Covid-19-patients somehow. Additional Doctors were called in the Region. USA on the precipice: a doctor reports from Corona-hell Houston FOCUS Online USA on the edge: a doctor reports from Corona-hell Houston

Florida: No more space in intensive care units

in Florida the situation is tense in such a way that dozens of hospitals no longer have a place on their intensive care units. Unlike California and Texas, Florida is locked, however, a new Corona-rules. “We’re not going back, nothing is close,” insisted Governor Ron DeSantis just a few days ago. We are well-positioned. Since last week in Florida, the first data on hospital admissions will be published. The Governor is accused of official data long manipulated.

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DeSantis was one of the first U.S. governors, the opening was followed by the desire of U.S. President Donald Trump after a quick back. Already in may Restaurants, Bars, beaches and strip clubs were opened. Individual cities were now forced to take measures. Such as Miami closed its beaches for the independence day last weekend – not without protests. Nevertheless, there was in many places crowds of people.

For Florida, particularly threatening: especially on the coasts in the because of to its mild climate, popular state of many of the pensioners live. The average age of the population is nowhere higher than in Florida. In particular, the concern about a further spread of the pathogen is immense.

New York: Former epicenter of the USA is now in a better

unlike Florida, Texas and California, the situation seems to be in New York in the meantime under control. On Monday, the third Phase of the relaxations could start After the first Phase of re-construction were possible, opened in the second Phase, hair salons, shops and outdoor areas of Restaurants. Now, for example, nail studios and Tattoo shops are allowed to open their doors again. Distance and hygiene rules continue to apply. Wang Ying/XinHua/Reuters

“New Yorkers have shown incredible resilience in this crisis, and thanks to their hard work, we are in the track for the third Phase,” said mayor Bill de Blasio. A restriction on its easing course had to make a New York, however, unlike previously planned, with Restaurants, Bars and Cafés are not allowed to open your interior areas with the beginning of the third Phase. This is mainly due to the dramatic increase of Infections in the other States.

The former epicenter of the pandemic in the United States is now better. Before two months, New York, Corona was the site of the Fire in the United States. The medical care centre was the limit of its capacity. For the many Corona-the dead of the mass graves had to be dug up.

The latest Figures

The number of new infections in the United States since mid-June as a result of the loosening of the Corona conditions has risen dramatically. On Tuesday it was once again achieved a new record in the recorded new cases of infection with the Coronavirus. Within 24 hours more 60.209 infection cases were counted as of on Tuesday evening (local time) from Johns Hopkins University published Figures. A total of around three million Coronavirus have been recorded since the beginning of the pandemic infections in the United States. More than 130,000 people died as a result of a Covid-19-disease.

The immunologist Anthony Fauci – the working group of the White house belongs to the Corona – was shown on Monday in the face of a rapid rise in the Corona-infections in the South and West of the country concerned. The current situation was “really good” and requires “immediate” Action, said the Director of the National Institute for allergies and infectious diseases in a Live Chat.

The United States had brought the pandemic never under control, and were therefore still in the first wave of the Virus, said Fauci. Last week, the expert warned at a hearing in Congress, without decisive countermeasures, the number of new infections per day, could rise in the USA, soon to be up to 100,000.

And what’s Trump?

in Spite of dramatically high-Coronavirus-case, numbers Trump shall exercise, under the pressure of the US States, so the schools open after the summer holidays again. “We want our schools open in the fall,” Trump said on Tuesday (local time) at a round table on the subject in the White house. This is very important both for the country as well as for the well-being of pupils and their parents.

Trump warned to keep schools from political considerations, closed. He was referring to the democratic governors of States, the crowd in large numbers against Trumps on a quick return to normality fight back.

Again, he played the situation down: “Because we test more, we have more cases. If we were to make half of the Tests, we would have a lot fewer cases,“ he said.

in the Middle of the crisis, the United States filed now also officially resign from the world health organization. Many U.S. Democrats have criticized the decision of the Republican Trump-government to withdraw from the WHO. “On my first day as President, I’m going to join the WHO again, and our leadership on the world stage to recover,” wrote Joe Biden, wants to compete in November as the presidential candidate of the Democrats against Trump, the short message service Twitter. “Americans are safer when America is committed to strengthening the world’s health.”


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