underground cost of traps. Thus, some channel remediation before the Schlierseern in the coming years. Particularly critical is the situation on the Westerberg is.

Schliersee – sewer rehabilitation without digging: The the so-called Inlining-procedure promises. A resin-impregnated tube is inserted into the existing channel, and then thermally or with UV-light cured. A new “pipe in pipe”, so to speak. And a high-resistance strong yet, said Michael Schütte, managing Director of the engineering Dippold & Gerold, now in Schliersee village Council. “You have 50 to 60 years of peace.” A quite enticing prospect, the market town of Schliersee and Spitzingsee (before see box), but still, a few kilometres of sewer rehabilitation.

Since 2002, the office is entrusted with this task, said Schütte. Until 2013, the municipality had invested the handsome sum of 1,5 million euros into your wastewater pipe network. In the past year, you’ve identified now with camera inspections and pressure testing for more leaks. The focus is on the Seestraße (B 307), which could put as well as complete with skates and thus is a quasi-minimal invasive repair, so pour is this time especially.

Considerably complicated the situation, however, is on the opposite side of the lake. On the slopes of the Westerberg pointed equipment, the lack of tree vegetation quickly through the pre-moistened soil is always to Slide, said chute. The result: cracks in the bottom near the railroad track threaded channel. Although you have lined up in 2008, the area with the skates, which come since 2016 is repeated to the new Lick. Even a sleeve, which absorbs a part of the earth movement, did not solved the Problem, but only shifted. “The channel is torn ten meters further back again,” says Schütte.

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the place sustainably, it is necessary to focus on the slope. Twelve so-called “seepage support discs” of gravel material, each of them 20 meters long and four to five feet deep, should be placed at a distance of five meters in the ground, said Schütte. The only way to avert the constant danger that waste water runs through a hole in the channel in the Schliersee. In spite of the estimated cost in the amount of 320 000 Euro to the engineer advised the local councils to do the thing “soon”. On the question of Babette Wehrmann (Green), if you could mount the slope, also through afforestation, waved chute. “It is decades take to the trees are so far that you can take on this function.”

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Horst Teckhaus (PWG) brought another idea into the conversation: “Is it utopian to put the canal through the lake?”, he asked. By no means, said Schütte. So you’ve moved once, the water line for the connection of the island of Wörth under water. The cost of the action but these were not to be despised: around two million euros could eat a water-channel is wasted, speculated chute.

slope safety could, however, the municipality not only on the track, but also to the property owners of the Meadow, and on a financial contribution negotiate. “The experience is always very difficult conversations,” said mayor Franz carving Baumer (CSU) to the train. Significantly more optimistic, he estimated the request from the meadow owners. The Drainage of this can take advantage of the slope better than currently. “This is already a pretty wet spot.”