Via Facebook posted Regina Keller, the pictures and Videos of an adult black bear, which walked through their garden. In an interview with “CNN” said the woman from Virginia to meet the unusual to each other.

in the Middle of the garden of the woman a small children’s paddling pool and this, in turn, made it the a little to big bear cozy. “We definitely need a larger Pool,” wrote Keller in one of your Posts.

bear was “happy and refreshed” users thrilled

has found As a the bear, eventually the right Position, he makes for a relaxing NAP. The cellar itself didn’t actually want to water the flowers, but then on the terrace withdrawn.

Generally speaking, it is nothing New for you, if animals would get lost in your garden. The bear had detected, for example, again, because two years ago, would have crossed their paths already. “He looked so happy and refreshed,” said Keller in an Interview. But the danger is not, of course, be underestimated: “it was the Biggest (Baer, Anm. d. Red.), I this year have seen.”

her house was in the vicinity of the George Washington National Forest in Fort Valley, which is the innumerable host of wild animals. Often you leave so other Facebook users at such moments, with enthusiasm. The bear was finally pulled after about an hour away.

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