The vicious cycle of bad mood, he seems to be. Because the situation is cloudy and the mood is bad, the grip of fear and Worry. And because fear and Worry run rampant, the mood is getting worse and worse. The downward spiral that reliably leads further and further into the basement. Germany’s Economy could find within a few weeks in the basement again. Business psychology for beginners.

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The number of unemployed approaching threat of the Three-million mark. Over seven million people are already on short-time work. Hundreds of thousands of large and especially smaller companies are threatened by Bankruptcy. The economy the economy the correct point forecast is significantly downwards. Black paint? Nothing easier than that. Who knows the dark Figures for Germany’s economy, the world economy has in mind, and only a bit of imagination has, knows that this complex situation can develop into an economic debacle. Only: Unstoppable, this process is not.

hope you can redeem

The Grand coalition has submitted its response to the worst economic crisis since the Second world war, the largest economic stimulus package since the Second world war: 130-billion-Euro want to muster the CDU, CSU and SPD for the “power package” to boost consumer spending and bolster demand. Support for families, for businesses, for communities. Many concrete plans, clear signals for Innovation.

the entire package is worn a large piece of the principle of hope. Only this hope is no mere imagination of political patsies, but you can redeem. This, however, cannot afford the government, but because the other ran, must now. Reuters German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and Finance Minister Olasf Scholz (SPD) want to boost consumption. Since, it is very important that the “discount” in the value-added tax is also passed on to the customers.

in easy to

, of Course, can now sit up all cosy, the government’s official fireworks and wait until the last flash has gone out. And then, when it is completely dark the economic skies over Germany, you can still announce with important face: “I’ve told you everything nothing”. The chances for the right for everyone to have as efficiently increase. Just in the critical observer role to remain, nice passive stay, and to complain a bit – this is what.

Shopping as an act of solidarity

The consumers to be able to buy afford but even three constructive contributions to Germany’s economy moving again: buy, buy,. Only if you consume in fact, you can work the stimulus package, with its main lever, the reduction of the VAT, at all. If the restrained mood in the country is to soft a riser, it must be first of all driven out of many shops. Specifically: “My” book dealer “my” Boutique owner, “my” game store I support, by I consume.

Shopping is in these tense times to the act of lived solidarity. It goes without saying that our customers rely on conscious choice and, where possible, sustainable products, after the purchase of noise-not from the ecological boomerang can be made.

discount fit for sale-Turbo

A depressed economy is not the answer to the climate crisis. Because breastfeeding is a particularly reliable Innovations-Blocker is. Environmentally friendly processes and products do not find their way to the market. This helps at the end of any of them.

the Merchants are not doomed in this game to just Wait and see. The VAT rebate is due to clever Marketing than real sales accelerator use. Since imagination is in demand.

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customer sinister business model

is give more but What if the small shops and the larger companies take the tax deduction just as an Extra profit, and not to your customers? The danger is, no question. The billion Plan of the Grand coalition could be the most expensive non-starter for years. All that should probably toying with this variant, know what you’re doing: stealing from their own customers, the darkest of all business models. The Robbed are to fend for themselves.

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