After the death of George Floyd to the situation in the USA more and more. Donald Trump is fueling the unrest.

The Afro-American George Floyd dies in the United States during a police operation. The unrest in the US pointed more and more to. The reaction of Donald Trump heats up the discussions more.

Munich, USA – the demonstrations in the USA entitled, in view of the death of George Floyd , a rampant institutionalized racism, and a growing feeling of powerlessness against the police are excesses – violence is not a legitimate means of protest . The looting and riots to discredit the immense importance of the movement. And play a in the cards: Donald Trump .

George Floyd, USA-protests: Donald Trump is not interested in the solution

The US-President has not caused all of the problems that divide the United States. The racism is a dreaded part of the history of the country. The justice question has been brewing for a while, is the inequality adopted in the country of unbridled capitalism ludicrous. But Trump is not just interested in the solution of complex societal challenges. He is a radical problem verschärfer.

Yes, Trump place for the beginning of the appropriate words of regret to the death of George Floyd. However, the Republicans loses at the same time, no time, to a left extreme danger of invoking the democratic governors of weakness to ask – and to be staged martial as a strong man.

in the USA-protests/George Floyd: The situation in the US escalated more

The civil war offer similar situations Trump the opportunity of his disastrous Corona-Management to distract. The President moves on with his friend-enemy-ruler, a sharp dividing line through society. He served his followers, without regard to losses. The case, Floyd is a great tragedy. For Trump, he is a part of his divisive election campaign.

The reaction to Donald trump’s highly questionable, says the mercury editor Marcus Mäckler.

Frank Heidenreich