Trouble is, US President Donald Trump with the “Rolling Stones”-the one that it comes to his campaign. Now he could even threaten a lawsuit.

The “Rolling Stones” with the US President.
It comes to the use of the cult songs “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”. Donald Trump* used the song in his election campaign.

Washington – The “ Rolling Stones ” with US-President Donald Trump : The legendary rock band has announced plans to sue Trump, should this fall back in the campaign on your cult song You Can t Always Get What You Want ” from the year 1969. According to a report from the US Website Deadline, British Band officers is the copyright company BMI so, cease and desist requests against Trump to enforce.

US election: Donald Trump angered by the “Rolling Stones” – a lawsuit

threaten him Trump Should the threat of the cease and Desist ‘ letters ignore and at events is still not licensed to play music, to him, a lawsuit, it is stated in a communication from the BMI, which was also published on the Twitter channel of the ” Rolling Stones “.

The “ Rolling Stones ” try since 2016, the Trump of the use of their Songs hold. Already in the pre-election campaign of the Republicans to the presidential election 2016 , the real estate Mogul took to the annoyance of the Rockstars mood with “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”. The song from the pen of frontman Mick Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards heard from the point of view of the magazine Rolling Stone the 500 greatest Songs of all time.

USA: “the Rolling Stones” threaten Donald Trump with a lawsuit – even other artists upset

The “ Rolling Stones ” are not the only celebrities artist , the fight with the US-President about the use of their music. Recently, the family of the deceased singer Tom Petty against Trumps the use of “I Won’t Back Down protest” in his controversial re-election in Tulsa.

Also Pop greats such as Pharrell Williams, Rihanna, Adele and Neil Young have the use of their music by Trump vehemently. (nema, with AFP)

Soon to appear in a new tell-all book about Donald Trump. This time his niece grabs the Trump family. Before the court, the publication could not be stopped first.