In the USA has been killed in a one-year old Boy in Chicago by a shot. The terrible incident has fuelled the debate around the legislation on Weapons more.

In Chicago in USA a year Young due to a shot in the chest. Several shots had been fired out of a moving car. The fact caused a great shock – and heated up the debate on the gun laws .

Chicago – came To a shocking incident in the USA in Chicago . From a car out one year Young has been shot.

The Sagittarius I stopped beside the car of 22-year-old mom and eight shots fired the police . He had met the little boy, fatally in the chest. The mother had suffered a grazing shot to the head. the arrests there is not first. The backgrounds were initially unclear.

United States: Young (1) shot in the chest killed – incident fueled the debate about gun laws more

“this is something that happens far too often,” said the head of the Chicago police , Fred Waller, in front of the press. “When does it stop? When we say: Enough is enough,“ said Waller, with a view to the debate on the stricter weapons legislation in USA .

firearms attack on mom and child occurred only a week after the West Chicago a three-year, under similar circumstances, had been killed. Also in this case, the shooter has not been caught yet. “We will catch the Person that killed the three year old child. And we will catch the Person who killed this kid ,“ said Waller.

United States: Young (1) in Chicago by shot, not killed – shooter camp

report Chicago mayor Lori light food and the main Commissioner David Brown called on tools , with information in the case of the police . All in the city should be outraged about the violence , said Brown. “This Baby and all of our citizens deserve Better,” said the chief Commissioner.

gun laws in the United States – A Federal state, from July new ways

Always gun laws in USA to lead discussions – the current incidents is heating up the debate further. In the state of Virginia about the 1. July stricter gun laws apply. As the Governor Ralph Northam had declared there would be a background check for every weapons . The Vehörde should be able also to persons temporarily take their weapons, should this pose a risk to themselves or others. (nema dpa)

came To numerous protests in the USA after the death of George Floyd by police violence. Against several of the protesters, the public Prosecutor’s office has charged and now charges – Trump announced harsh penalties.

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United States in the White house currently is a withdrawal of US troops from Germany

. Donald Trump meets with the Pentagon chief Mark Esper.