With roof battens have been demolished on Friday evening, several dozen suspects of a Turkish cafe in food. The attackers devastated, according to police information, the Local and shattered pieces of the inventory. No one was hurt. The backgrounds of the attack, which was triggered on Friday evening, a large-scale operation of the police, were on Sunday still unclear, a police spokesman said. The investigation proceeded so far, tough – also because the Parties do not want to comment on the Events.

local residents had reported thus, a large group, moving single-mindedly through the district frohnhausen. “You have feared a brawl and then found that the cafe was apparently the target of the attack,” said the police spokesman.

The ringleader is silent,

Some of the strip, a car met, as the attackers-lined the business demo. The suspects fled in small groups in the surrounding streets. Very quickly, a large number of forces had been also from the surrounding cities on-the-spot. “Maybe it was going to happen even more,” said the police spokesman. Also with dogs and a police helicopter, the police went to the Offenders. More than 70 people, the person the alien had been found. You should now be loaded in for questioning. What role they could have in the attack, played to point for further investigation.

A 32-Year-old was arrested. He was occurred on site as a kind of ringleader. He had made the allegations, as yet, no details. After his examination, he came on free feet.

In the case of a large-scale crackdown against criminal Clans, there had been in January 2019, according to a police spokesperson, there also a search. Whether there is a correlation, however, is still completely open. Will be determined in all directions.

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