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thousands of Anti-Corona Demonstration in Berlin

expected to find as a Protest against the restrictions in the Corona-crisis, want to go on Saturday in Berlin, thousands of people on the street. In spite of rising infection numbers you want to advocate for an end to all requirements. The police must ensure that the Corona conditions are met. Berlin’s governing mayor Michael Müller (SPD) said on Friday that it expected that each participant be aware of the rules and responsibility act to the full.

For the rally under the slogan “the end of the pandemic – the day of freedom” are registered according to police, around 10 000 participants. The Initiative “cross-711 thinking” from Stuttgart, Germany has called. The Demonstration on the street of the 17. June (15.30 to 22.00). This was a nationwide mobilized. Participants wanted to arrive with buses, even neo-Nazi organisations have called for the participation, said the Berlin interior Senator Andreas hostage (SPD).

In Stuttgart, has demonstrated the Initiative “cross-711” already thinking repeatedly. Critics of these protests to be feared most of being taken over by conspiracy theorists and right-wing. The trade Union Verdi said it was a right-wing Alliance. At the Demonstration on Saturday restrictions on the freedom of the press and physical Attacks against journalists had to fear, she said.

a hostage spoke of a “special challenge” for the police. You’ll see the extent to which it succeeds, in the case of such large numbers of people rules the Corona conditions such as distance and the mask of duty to enforce. Where appropriate, fines would be imposed for acts of Resistance demonstrators would also be temporarily fixed.

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