imagine, the Corona pandemic would have hit us twenty years ago: Home-Schooling via Laptop, video conferences from your own living room, shopping with the Smartphone best, if quiet future would have been tunes. A delivery service from the nearest supermarket unthinkable. TV talk shows with guests and moderators, which are all connected from home, and had already failed to the technical requirements. Information derived mainly from the printed daily newspaper.

At the end of the red-green coalition of Schröder and Fischer, there were nearly five million unemployed. The German state finances were dismal. A General Lockdown would have had significantly more serious consequences for the private and public life. 20 years of medical research and development would be missed. We would have been at the mercy of the Coronavirus stronger than it is today. We have mastered the Corona crisis relatively well so far, thanks to technical developments, medical progress and well-filled heads of state and social funds. Our in the last 20 years-earned prosperity based on competition, trade, growth and creativity, has saved us from worse. But our prosperity is neither self-evident nor for all times for sure. About the author:

Linda Teuteberg, 39, since the spring and FDP General Secretary. She is also leader of the FDP in the state of Brandenburg. Before Teuteberg took over the Post of party Manager, had acquired in the Federal policy, especially a reputation as an interior politician.

And the “oomph”-stimulus package for the Grand coalition contains some of the right measure, but is not intended to be, in many points, to the end. We don’t need short-term, one-time effects, but a long-acting improvement of our competitiveness through tax relief, cutting red tape and investing in education and digitisation. Billion-distribution programs with the watering can arouse false hopes that the state will straighten it out.

money seems to be endless and foresighted households no longer have a role to play. It must now go to the right investments for the future and not about the debt to a la Grand coalition. New debt today lead to higher taxes tomorrow. The state can temporarily replace income, but certainly not the necessary creation of value.

According to the state, citizens are now asked

It is an old position of the Left and Conservatives is that Liberals are against the state. The opposite is true. Without a state was ruled by anarchy and the law of the jungle. Liberals for the strength of the Law. The functioning of the state is the guarantor for peace and social justice, for democracy and participation, for public order and General interest. Without government action we would have been able to the spread of the Corona Virus in Germany not so successful to contain. Anyone who thinks now, the economic reconstruction of the country after the Lockdown could only be used by the state to ensure, you are mistaken. Are not now citizens, government officials. You think Germany’s future

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For Liberals, the free man is defined by the fact that he or she takes responsibility for themselves and others. Liberalism is not a belief for egoists. The Corona-crisis shows impressively how to act responsibly, the vast majority of people. You don’t just stick to the distance and hygiene rules, they also care about neighbors and help when shopping, start fundraising, etc. And all voluntary and self-organized. Social something is only if it is funded with tax money from the budget of the Ministry of social Affairs.

freedom and security are not incompatible

But that sends its citizens to dilapidated roads and bridges and the management is still waiting on numbers, a Fax and a registered letter is not a well-functioning state, as a Liberal, want to him. A state that does not tolerate in the midst of Corona-times violent riots as in the red-red-green in Berlin on 1. May, or the year-long authorities-failure of the right NSU-Terror grant had not for freedom by the strength of the Law. A state that fails on all levels, the digitisation and to give every child access to the digital world, sins against the future prospects of the youngest Generation and is not fair. Reuters protesters filming with their Smartphones, a police operation in Berlin.

There is a fundamental difference in the understanding of the state, between liberalism and all other political philosophies: The state grants no rights to freedom as a gracious landlord and his hired servants, to the free Sunday. According to the liberal understanding of free citizens grant the state limited possibilities for intervention in the life of the Individual only and exclusively to allow the greatest freedom for the greatest possible number of people can be secured. Because freedom and security are Liberal, and not mutually incompatible values. Rather, they are interdependent.

But at the fork in the road of the Liberals, to decide always for the freedom. The freedom of the Individual is a basic human right that needs no justification. Good reasons for any restriction of individual freedom must be. This liberal self-evident is called into question in the Corona times. Everything seems relative, the main thing is that it works. Freedom is not relative.

More freedom and self-responsibility

crises offer the Chance to identify mistakes and establish a new. If we now make the correct decisions, we can look back in 20 years on the Corona-crisis as a starting point for a revival of the civil society. As Gerhard Schröder reacted to the Horror of five million unemployed, with the Agenda 2010 reforms, Germany is benefiting today should be the last procrastinator and ditherer become clear that we need to push for the digitalisation in Germany in all areas – in schools, universities, administrations and businesses. dpa/Julian Stratenschulte/dpa/picture Icon students are learning with electronic devices.

it also includes government investments of taxpayer money are necessary. However, the must be generated by citizens and private companies. Are now in demand creativity, innovation, a spirit of economic dynamism. Not to be awakened by a state bureaucracy. We have to defend prosperity, drawn up by competition, growth, and entrepreneurial freedom of all of us and has ensured that we not only Virus getting better with the Corona-cope than many other countries. It comes to robustness and resilience. We must protect ourselves against the next challenge, which is sure to come, whether through a new pandemic, the consequences of climate change, terrorism or Economic collapse.

the correct answer to The Corona-crisis can therefore only be: more freedom and self-responsibility! Not more, but a functioning, treatment, and more efficient state!

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