, the municipality of Allershausen, that the junction Allershausen is not locked fully? This question of the competent Advisory Committee of the commune, is investigated now. The result was clear.

Allershausen– time, a final direction set; a time, a couple of things to clarify: With this Intention the Oberhausen mayor Martin Vaas asked on Thursday the Advisory Board of “transport and trade” to a spontaneous visit at the Munich street. Conclusion: Everything remains as usual.

Background of the local inspection, the full closure of the motorway junction Allershausen during the summer holidays, the emotions in the municipality currently, the boil was. The Council was also attended by: 2. The mayor and the spokesperson of the CSU, Manuel Mück, is affected as owner of the Esso petrol station in person of the full closure, 3. The mayor and SPD group Chairman Josef Lerchl, PFW group boss Andrew luck, Advisory Board-Vice Christian Huber (as a Hotelier, is also one of the

Concerned), as well as the rest of the members of Friedrich Moser, Max Raith, Christian Bail and Marcus Klose. Martin Vaas, it was important, the Situation with the relevant body to look at and definitively determine how it should proceed.

community want it. by dragging

“We have agreed unanimously, and across party lines on the measure, as planned, to pull through,” said Vaas to the FT And, as summed up Vaas, together with the chief of the Technical Department, Michael Promberger, and business Manager, Christian Graßl together, “very good reasons”.

First of all, it was Vaas, but it’s important to clarify that, unlike the municipal Council, Christian Huber in the most recent meeting have claimed, and the panel well in time about the full closure had been informed. “The Mail sent by my predecessor, Rupert Popp in this regard, in April 2019 at all of the local councils, there is, of course.”

local councils and citizens informed

it, Vaas had been, just three days in office, as he had set in the Oberhausen community newspaper its citizens about the full closure thereof. That it is driving now, so an Outcry of the traders due to the full closure of give, could Vaas understand, of course. “According to Corona, now the next loss, of course, that’s frustrating.” And this is exactly why you have made as a community – although it is not responsible, and though you do not have the last word – in theory, again all to the test. First of all, regardless of whether the highway authority and the state Department have supported a different result then.

“If we want a new highway bridge, new water lines and a reconstructed portion of the state road 2084 between Mozart street and the traffic circle beyond the A 9, we need to take the full blocking of the connection point in buying,” says Vaas. “If we decide against the full closure, then only the bridge finished.” But, as Promberger added: “the condition of The state road is in the area of so bad, it belongs to the short or long term already made.” The least time and cost burden of the Expansion have when you get to him now while the already ongoing construction projects, “with power”. In addition, 50-year-old asbestos-cement water pipes that Vaas referred to as “ticking time bombs” that lie in the road. “Because at any moment can break a pipe.” Firmly was: “If we don’t take the Chance now to bring the area around the highway bridge in six weeks, completely on the front man, brings it to us in a couple of years – and then we have to make it,” explains Promberger. Bridges, roads, water lines – all things with an “expiration date”. “In the specific case of a bridge, road, and pipelines held a 50 years – the time to renew has come.”

the schedule of The General Directorate of highways and the State Department was very athletic. The traffic should flow but definitely for the first day of school again. “If we don’t do this now, it is in retrospect, once it is then urgently necessary to shield citizens string.” Because: “Then the entire Munich street is blocked. Since we are talking then, not six weeks, but nine months.“ Has been made, however, the busy part at the connection point between the centrifugal and Mozart street, no longer are the restrictions during the renovation of the rest of the Münchner Straße-so-serious.

Section blocking is not possible

The idea of a Hotelier, Rupert Pichler, the connection points to lock alternately for three weeks in the direction of Munich and three weeks in the direction of Nürnberg, is, according to the State Department is also not feasible. You would not do the Work in a train, it would take a lot more time – and cost far more, because the heavy machines would have to arrive two Times.

“Because we can abandon neither the Expansion of the state road to the new water pipelines, we need to stick to the plans,” said Martin Vaas. To the chagrin of Hoteliers and catering operators, as well as many other traders.