something one has seen on the ball man never. Bathers and strollers from Germany, Spain and also from other countries came on Thursday from the cottage.

Spain’s king Felipe and wife Letizia strolled along the Promenade of the Playa de Palma, always stayed back and talked from an appropriate distance, but casual with holiday makers in swimwear and Bikinis from their sun towels, jumped were. Many were Selfies with the two of them, fashionable Letizia made it clear in a chic green dress Felipe in the shadows.

“The ball is man in Need”

The Royals from Madrid, Spain to spend your summer holidays traditionally in August, always on the Balearic island. In the Marivent Palace, on yachts and sailing boats. But on the Playa was a king can remember, as far as the Locals, never. The unusual visit had, however, a good, a very good reason: Felipe rushes to the rescue of the ball’s.

after the Opening of the Spanish borders for foreign visitors you can see on Mallorca, namely no light at the end of the Corona tunnel. Also on Thursday, there was in Playa a few bathers. “The ball is man in Need”, was the headline in the “Mallorca newspaper” in large letters. In addition to a image of the German island of starlet Mia Julia on stage at the visitors crowded the cult restaurant “beer king” is on page one of the “MZ”: “The once was.”

The wild parties to stay because of the Virus is prohibited. “Beer king”, “mega Park” and other dance – and drinking-temple stay – of course – will be closed indefinitely. Mia (33) belts out their Hit “We are the Hottest”, and other Songs of these days in drive-in theaters where the audience is not so easy to rock and curls.

The Spaniards, shouting “Viva el rey!”

The Worries of day-to-day. The left-wing regional government is fighting against the “piss-ISM” for a number of years, with strict rules of conduct, the promotion of chic and expensive Hotels and Restaurants, as well as other measures. But now, where the “Otto-Normal-leisure” threatens actually to stay out of uses despite temperatures already over 30 degrees of the jitters. Especially since, you know, in Palma, that you are allowed to take, under any circumstances, the foot of the Corona-brake. The news of new outbreaks of the Virus in Germany will prepare an additional Worry. Reuters/Isaac Buj/EUROPA PRESS/dpa, king Felipe and Queen Letizia is a Hotel to visit in Mallorca.

Many had not known on Mallorca, the king is coming. Also Kerima Kellermann did not know it. She lives already for 30 years on the island. She was with her friend Marion on the Playa and was surprised by the visit of the Royals. “My friend Marion from Santa Ponsa has visited me today, and no Parking to be found. I didn’t even know what’s going on,” said Kellermann, the reporter in the “Mallorca Zeitung”. The two desperately want to catch a glimpse of the Royal couple. Many Spaniards were screaming on the ball man, meanwhile, “Viva el rey!”, “Long live the king”.

Four billion is only a drop on a hot stone

can’t “Su Majestad el Rey help”? He can cheer up, but he can also demonstrate his great influence at various Places In the country and abroad. And ensure that more policies and measures to support of Corona a heavy toll on the measures taken, the tourism industry will be decided. Madrid was a week ago, a Four-billion-aid package known. For the sector, the fear alone of this year due to Corona losses of 80 billion is only a drop in the bucket.

Felipe and Letizia met on Majorca with holidaymakers, but also with entrepreneurs and trade Union representatives. The short visit in Palma is part of a round-trip of the Royal couple through the whole of Spain, where the Royals want to promote tourism.

The Tour began on Tuesday in the Canary Islands. In Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Felipe had called together the country back on track. In Spain after the end of the lock downs and the Opening of the borders with more Confidence. It was “in front of a very steep climb” in order to create the economic and social recovery.

Nowhere in Spain the people are so very dependent on tourism as the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. In both regions the industry contributes around 35 per cent of the economic output. With more than 28,000 deaths and 250,000 infections in Spain has been the victims of one of the Corona hardest-hit countries. As Clemens Tönnies disguised: Pocher apologizes to people in Gütersloh, Germany, FOCUS Online/Wochit As Clemens Tönnies disguised: Pocher apologizes to people in Gütersloh