The Ex-lion Mohamad Awata and Christian Köppel FC Schweinfurt after only a year. The next target of close friends is not yet known.

Mohamad Awata and Christian Köppel leave the FC Schweinfurt , after only one year . The one-year contracts of the two will not be renewed . nearest Station is the good friends is still unknown .

Schweinfurt, Germany – it is Now official! The two Ex-lion Mohamad Awata and Christian Köppel leave the regional-Second FC Schweinfurt. Both changed before the current is interrupted season 2019/21 to the “Schnüdeln” and signed up for a year. Since both contracts are not extended , you must search Awata and Köppel now a new club.

Köppel: TSV 1860 Munich, from youth to the pros

Köppel went through the entire youth Department TSV 1860 München, experienced in both the tragic disease for the year 2017 and the Recovery to 3. League with. Before the start of the current season, the move to Schweinfurt, for he comes to a total of 12 bets in the Regionalliga Bayern took place.

Awata: Due to the civil war from Syria fled

Awata played in 2016 at TSV 1860 Munich* , after the native Syrians due to the civil war from his home country . In 1860, the striker came mainly in the second team to use. After a year at the SV Heimstette n Awata for the season 2019/21 also moved to FC Schweinfurt after Unterfranken, for he rode this season 17 matches: best.

Awata and Köppel connects close friendship

The bond of the two, however, goes far beyond the common time at TSV 1860 München and FC Schweinfurt and beyond. Awata and Köppel live in Schweinfurt, collaboration n. Both of them are faith . Awata has entrusted Köppel moreover, his tragic life story.

Where the close friends as next takes , yet unclear . Köppel is a a native of Munich , his family still lives there. Whether the paths will cross of the two once again, remains to be seen. (Jonas Grundmann)

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