the Chancellor candidacy? We decide if we think it is right to say the party bosses Robert Habeck and Anna Lena Baerbock. Rule prefer to work with the Union, or rather with the SPD and the Left? Except with the AfD, everything is possible, they say, we compete independently. And emphasize again and again your “claim to leadership for this country”.

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Well, Robert Habeck speaks in the First of Germany’s policy. The First is the summer interview on Sunday radiates to 18.05 .

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save The Green, and her claim to power

is the power centre of the Green a construction site. In the sense of the word. In the Berlin party headquarters walls be torn out, floors re-designed to make the 1500-square-fit for the election campaign – there’s dust and Chaos belong to. The human centre of power, in contrast, stresses are currently being sorted and relaxed.

On this since weeks, always the same statements to the Chancellor and the coalition of the questions has changed nothing, since the leading SPD Vice-Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, raised to the Chancellor candidates-sign him at the same time, a left Alliance with the Greens and the Left suggested. On the day of Scholz’s nomination Habeck says that he thinks the “in keinsterlei respect to any tap of the Finger” for his party.

Habeck: From a democratic point of view

strategists stress that they take the course of independence for quite a while very well. They govern together in eleven Federal States in colorful combinations with CDU, SPD and FDP, but also three times with the SPD and the Left. In short: pretty much in every combination except with the AfD.

This is also from a democratic point of view, and rightly so, says Habeck like. The times of the stock election are over. Democrats would themselves be capable of forming them, “Auschließeritis” would necessarily lead to blockages or a word-break in times of a strong AfD. Self-Union and Left need each other to be ready to discuss.

the Problem for the Green?

Not since the Chaos after the election in Thuringia, some in the CDU party, such as Schleswig-Holstein’s Minister-President Daniel Günther – others launched in the past few days, immediately, a “Red socks campaign” and warned, those who sit on the SPD and the greens, to get after the Bundestag election in the autumn of 2021 on the Left.

This could be for the Greens to be a Problem. You don’t want a warehouse of the election campaign – but what if the others perform anyway? Then you could be between the Union and the SPD crushed, because the voters, want to prevent inclination of a CDU-Chancellor, or a left Alliance. And how convincing is it, not once saying that they wanted to make in the case of a green-red-red majority, in any case, the first green Chancellor – or the first green Chancellor – the German history?

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the aim of Baerbock and Habeck

ironically, Olaf Scholz, has similar interests might Help. He said after his nomination quickly skeptical about the left party. Finally, voters win, which is superior to the resignation of the Chancellor new wants, and he needs to Merkel.

that is Exactly what Baerbock and Habeck work, since you are at the Green tip. Rhetorically, by telling the party to “Constitution protectors”, home speak, the national anthem quote. But also in terms of content, by filing, in addition to environmental and climate protection also in your economic and foreign policy profile.

the main opponent in the election campaign of the Greens should be the Union – not the SPD, which ends up in the most recent surveys now from time to time in front of the Green. The first place you do not want to cede from the Union without a fight, their strong poll numbers, so the hope of the Greens and the SPD, the Corona – and Merkel-due to the could be and not permanent.

Habeck Registrar Is? Or Baerbock?

And then there’s the K-question, the means for the Greens: Habeck or Baerbock, or none? It can be assumed that the two of them sort this out among themselves, and their decision of the party is accepted. Even if the a are for the nation’s better-known and more popular Habeck, the other Baerbock for the appropriate hold or warn, at least the Green a woman would have to send in the first series.

one way or the other: as Long as the Union has no candidate, it will be for the Greens is quite easy to withstand the pressure and to wait with a decision. You want to decide as a last and prevent, therefore, a disgrace, if your survey should slip values in the spring. Is not excluded that eventually. The re-election of the only green Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann in Baden-Württemberg would fail in March, would be screwed up the entry into the Bundestag election campaign properly. Climate scientists paints a grim scenario for the future, and warns of nuclear war FOCUS Online/Wochit climate scientists paints a grim scenario for the future, and warns of nuclear war “Knows where his bodies are buried”: Ex-lawyer grabs on “Predator” Trump FOCUS Online/Wochit “Knows where his bodies are buried”: Ex-lawyer grabs on “Predator” Trump