The Soli have planned yet to 1. January, but already some months earlier been abolished. And that’s not the only good news for taxpayers.

and That should please many taxpayers: Apparently, the solos faster , as previously planned. The Union group wishes to move this measure to several months forward. In addition, could the abolition of Soli more people benefit than initially assumed.

Berlin – Now it’s time to go, apparently, but faster than originally planned, According to a media report, the Union group wants the solidarity Supplement for the 1. July reduce . Thus, the measure according to the plans of the group is preferred to be> half a year </strong.

Soli should not only be abolished faster, but also completely

the Handelsblatt as well as the time previously reported, citing a draft of the AG economy of the group in the Bundestag with the title ” growth programme for Germany: 10 points for a restart of the economy “. Accordingly, the solos is to be abolished in addition, contrary to previous plans, complete , and also this already in July. According to the newspaper, the paper should be decided on today, Tuesday, from the group management Board.

be called in the draft, measures to stimulate the economy , to get the German economy after the decay of the Corona-pandemic* out of the crisis. According to the previous legal situation, the solidarity surcharge of 5.5 per cent in the income and corporate tax starting from 1 to. January 2021 for 90 percent of the taxpayers, cease to apply* and for further melted to be. Some months ago, the SPD had proposed, however,* the removal of the surcharge by half a year is preferable. The Union has not agreed to this proposal, however.

+ In the Bundestag has already been debated in the past few months – here in November – the solos-abolition. Now they come faster than thought.©dpa / Michael Kappeler

Union group calls for tax relief and cutting red tape

calls the Union group in your growth program, according to Handelsblatt, more tax relief , especially for companies. In addition, she recommends removal, therefore, bureaucracy as well as a reduction in energy prices. On 2. June, the coalition Committee of Union and SPD on the planned economic stimulus package to advise. However, there are still differences between the parties in government: So the SPD does not want to abolish the solos completely , but, as before, only for 90 percent of the taxpayers. This was in the past in the Bundestag also to heated Statements from politicians, as in the following Tweet of the SPD parliamentary group in the Bundestag to see.

The abolition would be only for 90 percent of the taxpayers, however, means that people with high incomes, and many companies would be exempted from the discharge. The Union, however, wants to strengthen with a complete abolition of the solidarity surcharge the economy in the face of the Corona-crisis .

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