Any good Western contains two storylines . One strand tells the story of a large, deep relationship . The second strand of the plot is about a rivalry , which inevitably leads to the Showdown : He or I. There can be only one.

Which brings us to Markus Söder and Jens Spahn landed. These two protagonists – and the features of the strip from the factory, the Real-Life-TV – combine both strands in. Their personal relationship is still intact, and clearly goes beyond the Political and beyond. The 53-year-old Nuremberg and the 13 years younger münsterland respect only, they will appreciate <strong > also. You visited the respective Partner including. The Person

Gabor Steingart is one of the most famous journalists in the country. He is editor of the Newsletter “Steingarts Morning Briefing”. The eponymous Podcast is Germany’s leading Daily Podcast for politics and the economy. In the spring of 2020 Steingart moves in with his editorial on the editorial ship “Pioneer One”. Prior to founding Media Pioneer was Steingart Chairman of the Board of management of the Handelsblatt Media Group.

Be free Morning Briefing, you can find here:

For political power struggles, there is no Lockdown

But in the forthcoming duel for the lead in conservatives is coming to a head, the Situation in the meantime. For political power fights, there are no Lockdown . It is currently not to Post, but the signals of domination: the one Who follows, who leads?

Markus Söder, the sensitive Populist , want, what want to the folk a long time : Corona-Tests for all . On the expense of the state , of course. A kind of basic medical income:

“We offer a 24-hour guarantee for someone to show symptoms, and for someone who is insecure. Anyone who thinks he might have it, or if you just want to have security, we must give such security. It is an offer for people, the praise of patients protectors already.“

Spahn: “just a lot of target do not test for leading”

called the Federal health Minister , the appearance officially in a Duo with the NRW head of the government, Armin Laschet , on the Plan. The can can medical and – more importantly – political reasons, the esteemed rivals, this alone is not go through with it. the competence has to be proved in the normal way of life and in politics, especially by be set . Spahn is excited. Still, he is not a Salve, but after all, different Test short messages in Twitter :

“, test, test – but in a targeted manner. This is our with the @rki_de developed national testing strategy.“

“just a lot of testing sounds good, but without a systematic target approach a leader.”

  • All the information about the Coronavirus in the News-Ticker of FOCUS Online.

conclusion: This Western is planned as the home of “Bonanza” as a continuation of the story. Still everything is possible , the clarifying conversation , which sets the areas of Power – the party and also the Chancellery . the Egon Bahr , the architect of the policy of detente, would be for the counterparty Söder and Spahn a good advice at Hand: “Where is the talking, not shooting.”

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