Victor Nelsson looked like a football player, who neither would or could provide answers to why it went so wrong against FC Midtjylland.

4-1 stood on the measured breeding in the MCH Arena. Seven points is FC Midtjylland ahead of the FC Copenhagen in the table.

“We’re losing 4-1 and deserved. More I have not really to say for it. It was a deserved Midtjylland victory,” said Victor Nelsson in an interview with TV3 Sport shortly after Sunday’s topbrag.

I am the stopper would not properly respond to what went wrong. The young player had, it is clearly difficult to put words on anything in the interview, as you can see Betist at the top of the article.

“We are not happy about it here, of course. It was again a deserved Midtjylland victory. I’m empty for words. It was just not good enough from our side.”

He would, however, like to send an apology to the fans who had made the trip over to the royal on a bitterly cold novemberaften.

“We are lagging behind, 4-1, and they stand still and jump and clap. So big respect from here. They have our backs, and it is I and the rest of the squad happy,” he told TV3 Sport.

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