The truce of Ségolène Royal, which estimated recently that ” it[was] the moment to criticize the executive branch, will have been of short duration. The ex-candidate PS in the presidential election, said on Wednesday 10 June 2020 that it was necessary ” to pay tribute to the work of the police and the gendarmerie “, who are “exhausted” by the maintenance of order and “put under pressure” by ” a government that pursues policies in the anti-social “.

” to Govern is to appease them. In this context, it is necessary to give landmarks, if not, it is the generalized disorder. The first cue, it is a tribute to the work of the police and the gendarmerie, ” said Ségolène Royal, while the police are back at the heart of the debate in France. Police officers and gendarmes are ” working extremely hard “, that ” their request of the courage, the maturity, the composure in difficult areas, and therefore, we need to be supportive of this great body a republican “, she added, in the wake of the new manifestations.

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The government, the president, are responsible.

“I was not place of the Republic,” she said about the event in paris gathered Tuesday night some 2,400 people, according to police. “I’m looking for solutions “, she said, adding that she did not think that it is necessary to put a knee on the ground. “What counts, it is the republican order “, she said, echoing the slogan of his campaign in 2007. “There is no order without justice, justice without order”, ” security without truth.”

” The gendarmes and the police, that is what they are facing in recent years ! “, she exclaimed. “They have suffered the yellow Vests, the movement against the pension reform, we asked them to contain the events extremely justified in the public hospital… The police is put under pressure by a government that pursues policies in the anti-social “. “The government, the president, are responsible for, they must stop the political antisocial “, she repeated.

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