American intelligence officials are to be, according to a report by the “New York Times” a shocking acceptance came. Thus, a military unit of the Russian secret service, the Taliban-related dispute should have offered forces in Afghanistan, money to kill coalition forces – including U.S. soldiers. The Russian unit is intended to stand in connection with the assassination attempt, as well as hidden operations to the destabilization of the West.

Various options for action in the White house discussed

the results of The investigation by the US secret service, US President, Donald Trump had been informed immediately, said in the report. Subsequently, the National security Council of the White house have discussed the issue at a meeting in March.

From the round table had been drawn up various options for action with a view to Russia, reports the “New York Times”. Including, among other things, a diplomatic complaint to Moscow, as well as the call on Russia to stop the bounty action. So far, these Considerations have not been implemented yet in the fact, since they would have to be from the White house authorized.

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Russia is apparently not yet on the allegations

informed Should confirm the fears of the American intelligence services, would be known for the first Time that a Russian unit staged attacks on Western troops. So far, the Kremlin had not been informed about the allegations. Dmitry Peskov, the press Secretary of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, said the “New York Times”: “If someone is accused of, then we will respond.”

Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman, denied to the sheet “relationships with any of the intelligence services” and called the report an attempt to defame the organization. “This type of transactions with the Russian secret service make no sense”, further quoted him as saying the “New York Times”. After the Deal with the Americans, the lives of American soldiers is sure, you would not attack them. Kay Nietfeld/dpa

In February, the United States joined with the Taliban for a peace agreement

In February of this year the USA have concluded, after long negotiations with the Taliban an agreement on ways to peace in Afghanistan. It should initiate a phased withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan and to lead in intra-Afghan peace talks. Preceded by a week-long Phase of reduced violence was gone.

The United States had emphasized after signing the Deals, you expect that the violence level will still be low. High-level Taliban said that the attacks against US forces would set, the attacks against Afghan targets would be routed to an intra-Afghan agreement to continue. To claim that Russia had a head would have exposed the money to American soldiers, I want from the Pentagon, state Department, national security Council and the C. I. A. no one can Express, the “New York Times”.

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